Last Resort

Punxsutawney, Pa | Cindi |


“Dr. Kevin is a wonderful, talented chiropractor. I have been through a lot with my back, and have gone to many wonderful doctors who tried to help ease my pain with no success. I had major back surgery a few years ago, and developed a herniated disk below the original surgery. I returned to my neurosurgeon who told me that another surgery was too risky. I had Epidural injections that didn’t work…went through physical therapy, and finally came to Dr. Kevin. He told me that he had a technique that would help me…and was he right on target. Within a month, I was almost pain free… and now three months later, I have no pain at all from a herniated disk that pressed on my sciatic. Everyone needs to give Dr. Merrow a try…you will be amazed at how talented he is. Thank you, Dr. Kevin for giving me back my life!!!!”

Cindi K.